inviting and functional space using natural tile & stone

While most people picture custom landscapes as these green, amazing outdoor designs, the truth is that the placement of concrete and use of hardscape can have a pretty drastic effect on the look, quality, and functionality of your new landscape. In some ways the hard designs serve even more of a purpose than the “soft” designs (like flowers, grass, etc.) since they are what help create your new property.

Hardscape transforms your backyard and front yard into useable space. Hardscape choices line landscape curbing also help cement the design in a way that is easier on the eye, and better for creating a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. It’s a beautiful and great way to add some depth to your backyard. The right mix of natural elements and hardscaping can transform your front and backyard. Let Cascade Garden install hardscape features to enhance your landscape design.

Enhance your
existing landscape designs

Choosing the right Hardscape

How do I know which hardscape option is right for me?

Every city has its own personality. And just like the difference in home styles, yard styles are different too! We don’t provide quotes over the phone, as getting to know your property and your goals is more important to us. We want your yard to provide exactly what you need it to.

We provide hardscape in Auburn, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Applegate, Granite Bay, Meadow Vista and so many more places, and each one has trends in hardscape and concrete features. It’s our goal at Cascade Gardens to match each and every one of those needs.

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